Provide your own hair

Provide your own hair


How it works-

You provide the hair (preferably new hair).

It can be mailed to my P.O. Box or we can arrange a pick up time/date.

I will then create a wig based off your head measurements provided.

All wigs are made on a sewing machine.

I have a 48/72 hour turnaround time once the hair is received.

Closures are bleached and pucked

Hair is styled (Straight/Curls)


**Please take your time to read the "wig contruction" page**


Dome Cap Size
Wig Construction
  • Whats needed

    Number of Bundles Needed:

    • 14” and below 2 bundles needed.

    • 16”-18” 3 bundles needed.

    • 20”-24” 3-4 bundles needed

    • 26” and above 4 bundles needed.

    Not Accepted:

    • Used closures and frontals

    • 13x6 or larger frontals

    • 6x6 or 7x7 closures